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For taking charge of your health!

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Online Healing Program

Video Seminar You Won’t Find On Your Doctor’s Prescription Pad!

(Value: ₱2,500 FREE!)

We like to call this “Ultimate Healing Secrets” Home-Study-Course because, quite frankly, it’s loaded with proven, ultra-specific, inexpensive healing secrets that can transform your health, your appearance, & even reverse chronic disease..without a single trip to the doctor’s office!


Food Label Decoder:

This Uncovers Dangerous Ingredients in Your Favorite Health Foods in Just 10 Seconds or Less!

(Value: ₱4,850 FREE!)

A powerful piece of software that is designed to be used on any phone or device small enough that it can be taken with you to the grocery store.

Plug any food ingredient into the powerful software, and it’ll tell you if that food item contains any hidden, toxic ingredients that you must avoid.  It is that simple.

It’ll be like having your own personal expert dietitian with you every time you step into the grocery store. A₱4,850 value on it’s own, but you won’t be paying that.



The Secret Health Factor

A few simple actions will super-charge your body with unstoppable healing power!

(Value: ₱1,500 FREE!)



You’re about to learn the secrets uncovered by someone that has been living in insanely vibrant health for well over a decade! In fact, he hasn’t even had a headache for well over a ten years and it’s really only due to a simple understanding of what we now call the 
“Secret Health Factor”.



Cancer Coaching Program

A step-by-step Action Plan that removes the fear and confusion, & gives you a road map to transform your life and start your healing adventure!

(Value: ₱7,350 FREE!)





If you’re trying to heal from cancer, prevent a recurrence, or just want to be proactive to reduce your risk of ever developing cancer, now’s your chance to help yourself and your loved ones change everything for the better!


USERNAME: ilovehealingonline@gmail.com
PASSWORD: u3aje9ah
(Please Don’t Share This to Anyone, Also Don’t Change The Password)


Foods For Insomnia Ebook

Natural foods to fight insomnia!

(Value: ₱495 FREE!)



Having trouble sleeping is one of the most frustrating things to deal with, whether you can’t fall asleep or you have difficulty staying asleep. Lack of sleep is not only frustrating because it causes a lot of fatigue and restlessness during the day, but it can affect your physical and mental health.


Managing Autoimmune Diseases Naturally Ebook

Natural foods to fight autoimmune diseases!

(Value: ₱495 FREE!)





The information you will read in this eBook are  going to provide some alternative options when it comes to reducing flare-ups, avoiding triggers for those flare-ups, and just feeling better overall.